Record Raid Spring 2013

We're back at Tulane March 16th for another Record Raid as part of WTUL's marathon fundraiser.

WHEN: March 16th 10am-5pm
WHERE: Tulane Zimple Quad at about 1209 Broadway Street. Outdoor show under the shades of two big oak trees (the records are safe, don't worry).
HOW MUCH: Free to enter!
WHO: You! No Tulane enrollment required.
WHAT: LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes

Interested in selling? Check our vendor page

Record Raid presents A HOLIDAY DIGGIN PARTY

Record Raid Holiday Diggin Party

We thought we'd squeeze in one more opportunity to seize some presents for your loved ones, including yourself. So Emerson & Son are playing host to the first HOLIDAY DIGGIN' PARTY. A miniature Record Raid in time for the holidays. WHERE: Emerson & Son @ 8725 Oak St. NOLA WHEN: 11AM-5PM December 15th 2012 HOW MUCH: FREE ENTRY! Full details still coming together, but we know this much: A bunch of your favorite music vendors from around New Orleans sellin' music. Free entry Uptown Food, Drink Merriment To be announced/decided: DJs? Bands? an actual flyer

November 2012 Record Raid photos

The November Record Raid went off without a hitch! Weather was perfect, attendance was great (especially considering all the other events happening around town), and the vendors brought out some choice material. Thanks to everybody that came out, bought some music and made some friends!

As always we're curious what you found in the crates. Feel free to post some comments or pictures of a any choice finds

New Orleans Black Friday/Record Store Day Stuff 2012

Record Store Day has expanded onto the awful worldwide phenomenon of Black Friday. That means special one-day-only releases at record stores nationwide. While personally, I'm not a huge fan of the event (I much prefer my music used, affordable, and not bought explicitly for later ebay selling), it is a big day for the local stores.

Most record stores don't know what they're getting from Record Store Day, nor how much (and often they end up just crossing their fingers that they'll get them on time).

Introducing the Raiders mailing list

Together we shall be great! Often being a record collector can be a lonely thing, waking up at awful hours of the morning, spending hours organizing your collection... it doesn't have to be! We've created the Raiders mailing list for Louisiana record collectors to trade with each other, tip each other off to great sightings, hear about upcoming sales, organize carpools to record shows, or just meet some new pals!

Join up here


Show's happening tomorrow. Plenty of people, plenty of records, food, drinks, fun. Might be a little gloomy weather-wise, but hopefully nothing like the floods today. Even if so, Siberia and Hi-Ho were not flooded.

For those of you not familiar, here's are the spots!