RECORD RAID LLC holds quarterly (more or less) record shows to benefit recorded music culture in New Orleans, Louisiana and the gulf south region. For the most part, our shows are open-ended: we welcome all formats of recorded media from all vintages and musical styles, and try to keep the shows accessible for collectors and sellers. We have had over 50 vendors from all over the region, and it's the largest record show in Louisiana.

RECORD RAID started as the WTUL record fair in 2009 and has grown considerably since. Past venues include the New Orleans Jazz Market, Old Ironworks, New Orleans Jazz Museum and the Tulane Campus. It was started by Hunter King though the planning committee has since grown.

RECORD RAID's fees are meant to help the event grow and thrive and none of the planning members take a cut of the money raised. All tables fees and other funds are put towards rentals, advertising, and other needs.

Questions? Email recordraid@recordraid.com