New Orleans Black Friday/Record Store Day Stuff 2012

Record Store Day has expanded onto the awful worldwide phenomenon of Black Friday. That means special one-day-only releases at record stores nationwide. While personally, I'm not a huge fan of the event (I much prefer my music used, affordable, and not bought explicitly for later ebay selling), it is a big day for the local stores.

Most record stores don't know what they're getting from Record Store Day, nor how much (and often they end up just crossing their fingers that they'll get them on time).

You can check out a list at Record Store Day's website for what to expect.

As for local participation, here's what I know. Unlike Record Store Day, I don't believe any stores are doing a special sale on non-Record-Store-Day releases.

Euclid (3401 Chartres St. in the Bywater) opens at 11am
Due to shipping frustrations, they won't be fully stocked but HAVE listed what they will be getting on Black Friday on the facebook page about the event. They will have nog of some sorts handy. They suggest getting drinks at Marky's after the whole deal.

Skully'z (907 Bourbon St.) opens at 10am
The usually get pretty well serviced.

The Mushroom (1037 Broadway Street) opens at 10am
Standard first-come first serve. I believe they usually get a good chunk of stuff too.

Louisiana Music Factory (210 Decatur Street) opens at 10am
They confirmed that they will be participating. I don't know how much RSD stuff they've carried in the past, but if you haven't visited, they actually have a pretty formidable collection of non-Louisana and recently released vinyl upstairs.

--- On the sidelines

Domino Sound typically doesn't participate.
Jim Russel's usually doesn't either. Sometimes they get a poster.

I have not checked on Iron Rail or Hey Cafe, but I'm doubtful.
Oddyssey Records has had a few Record Store Day items in before, but I wouldn't bank on them for finding that one item you're looking for.

-- In Baton Rouge

Kerry Beary's Atomic Pop Shop (2963 Government Street) opens at 11am (I think)
Kerry posted the following vowel-less message to the shop's facebook page. "Black Friday - Big Bro & Hldng Co Dylan Zappa Gslght Anthm Grtful Ded Cash Jllyfsh Mnrse Kingdom My Mrnng Jckt Shins Vlvt Undrgrnd Res Dogs". Break out your decoder ring!