old ironworks

Next Record Raid: January 24th at the Old Ironworks

Record Raid Winter 2014

Record Raid is back for our first January show on Saturday the 24th from 10am to 5pm. We're setting up at the Old Ironworks at 612 Piety st. across from Euclid Records in the bywater.

The Record Raid is a pop-up record store comprised of vendors from all over the gulf. This includes ebay sellers, stores, private collectors, and folks just looking to make some space in their house. If you'd like to sell our rates are super cheap to encourage anybody to set up. You can do so here.

Record Raid! June 21st in the Bywater

Record Raid Summer 2014

Back in the Bywater this summer! Our Spring show was a huge hit and last year's June show was great so this oughta be a good one!

We're really trying to pull out all the stops on this one. Introducing an early bird fee of $5 if you want to come in an hour early (9AM instead of 10AM). We'll have live vinyl-slingin' DJs and a few other twists! Stay tuned!

RECORD RAID! June 29th in the Bywater

Record Raid Summer 2013

Record Raid heads back downtown with a new location! We've headed over to the Old Ironworks in the Bywater at 612 Piety Street.

This is the summer show for our quarterly record fairs and we expect to have over 20 vendors selling LPs, 45s, CDs and more from storefronts and private collectors all along the gulf coast. It's like a big, awesome record store that only pops up 4 times a year with stock you've never seen before. Plenty of local music, old garage 45s, new punk LPs, mysterious oddity records -- that record that's been eluding you may be somewhere in these bins.