Less than 10 days till Go Time!

and the weather.com forecast looks beautiful!

I've got 20 vendors lined up with a little wiggle room for one or two more. If you know your New Orleans collectors we've got a lot of the big ones: Terry P, Tyrone, Brice Nice, Jivin' Gene and returning from the summer Raid, Keith from Alabama. Euclid, now backed by a fearsome stock since it became a full-fledged record store, is setting up, as well as Skullyz and punk afficionados the Iron Rail (and cohorts Community Records) setting up. If you haven't heard, The Iron Rail was (unfairly) forced out of their home, so grab them rekkids while you can! We've also got at least 4 new vendors to pique your interest.

Again! Sat March 26th 11AM-5PM

Tulane Zimple Quad at Broadway st. and Zimple st. This is by no means just for Tulane students, everybody enters with no "door charge". it's outdoors after all

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