Record Store Day Guide: April 19th, 2014

Record Store Day swiftly approaches. While many grumble about the hoarding mentality from people that hardly show the other 344 days of the year, the idea is nice. Here's our yearly guide to how New Orleans shops are doing Record Store Day, whether they're having RSD exclusives, sales, bands, etc... all the important info. Keep in mind that stores never really know what they're going to have until it shows up sometime this week, so I can't say much about that.

Note! This is being updated on the fly! Things may change so make sure to check back on April 18th

Captain's Vinyl

637 S. Pierce, 12pm-6pm

Captain's Vinyl won't have RSD exclusives, but if you come in with a RSD bag that you got from shopping elsewhere, they'll give you 15% off! Make sure to check them out at their new location in mid-city!

Domino Sound Record Shack

2557 Bayou Rd, 12pm-6pm

Domino doesn't tend to participate in Record Store Day though they do sometimes pick a few items if they really stand out

Euclid Records NOLA

3301 Chartres St., 11am-7pm

Euclid had a pretty big stock of RSD items last year and the line was extending two houses over when they opened. This year they aim to take it a few steps further, as they're wrapping it into the grand opening of their (excellent) new location. Expect beer, BBQ, and live music all day.

Rules: One of each item per customer, no reservations, first come first serve. Customers may have as many different items as they like.

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Jim Russell Rare Records

1837 Magazine St, 11am-5pm

Jim Russell will not be stocking Record Store Day items

Juan le Ger Record Shop

240 Pelican Ave, 11am-6pm

Huh? What's this? It's a new record store opening in Algiers Point, 2 blocks away from the ferry. Grand opening is April 17th through 19th. All used vinyl, so no RSD but this is definitely exciting news! We've got a preview of it here

Louisiana Music Factory

421 Frenchmen St, 11am-5pm

Louisiana Music Factory will have RSD items as well as live entertainment. They just recently moved to Frenchmen St. so their status as the most overlooked RSD location may not be the case for too much longer! They'll also have musical performances in the afternoon.

Rules: No reserves, one of each item per person. No other restrictions.

The Mushroom

1307 Broadway, 10am-Midnight

The uptown option. The Mushroom is not only getting RSD merchandise, but the next day (4/20) is a favorite of theirs, supposedly their birthday (though perhaps there's another motivation...), so everything in the store is 44% off Friday through Sunday. There's also a few bands later at night with pizza and beer, but I couldn't get the details about it.

Rules: "yeah, probably one item per customer"

Peaches Records

408 N. Peters Street, 9am-8pm

Peaches will be a zoo. Literally. They told me they will have an exotic petting zoo starting at 9AM. . Peaches tends to be one of the first to open and gets a good amount of RSD exclusives. They'll also have a keg and some giveaways.

Rules: No reserves.

Skully'z Recordz

907 Bourbon Street, 9am-8pm

Skully'z always packs in as many RSD items as they can fit. They've tended to open a little bit in advance of 9 so if you want first crack at it make sure to get in line a little early.

Rules: No reserves, One of any item per person, no limit on how many different items you can purchase.

Outside New Orleans...

Atomic Pop Shop

2963 Government Street, Baton Rouge, 9am-4pm

Pop shop will have plenty of RSD exclusives and live bands!

Rules: None Yet

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Lagniappe Records

986 France St, Baton Rouge, 10am

I believe this may be Lagniappe's first RSD but they aren't holding back! They'll have RSD exclusives and at least five different bands performing, as well as free beer, grilling, and a raffle to score even more cool stuff!

Rules: None Yet

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Mobile Records

140 b S. Sage Ave, Mobile, Alabama, 8am

We're getting real outta town now, but our friend Keith is throwing a helluva party, opening at 8am and with live bands starting at noon.

Rules: none yet

Facebook Event

Central Square Records

89 Central Square, Seaside, FL, 8am

At this distance out from New Orleans I'm mostly only listing for my own benefit, as I'll be right outside Seaside at the time

Rules: none yet