New Orleans Record Store Day Rundown: 4/22/2017

Record Store Day happens on Saturday April 22nd, which means that record stores around new orleans will have sales, events and will carry limited edition items from the Record Store Day company (henceforth refered to as RSD). There are a few RSD items of particular interest to New Orleanians this year, most notably an Allen Toussaint collection and a Meters box set. You can see the full list of RSD items here. 

Below is a list of record stores in New Orleans including their open times and whether they'll be carrying RSD items. Even if there aren't any RSD items you're interested or if a store isn't carrying RSD material, a lot of stores have extra reasons for you to come and hang out. New Orleans is lucky to have as many great stores as we do. If you haven't been to one of these, perhaps Saturday is a day to check them out.

And a reminder: RECORD RAID is coming up on May 13th.

Captain's Vinyl

Address 637 S Pierce st.
Phone (504) 908-9612
Hours 10am-6pm

Captain's Vinyl is based in mid-city specializing in used rock. They don't have RSD stock, but they'll be doing a 20% off sale all day on all items that aren't sealed. They'll also have a drawing of tickets for concerts put on by Winters Circle Productions.


Disko Obscura

Address 113b St. Mary Street
Phone (504) 872-0726
Hours 11am - 7pm

Disko Obscura carries an expertly curated selection with a focus on electro, disco, funk and soundtracks. No special preparations for Disko Obscura this Record Store Day. Still worth dropping by, especially if you're visiting NOLA Mix as well.


Domino Sound

Address 2557 Bayou Road
Phone (504) 510-9356
Hours Noon - 6pm

Domino is an aggressively-priced vinyl-only store with a great selection of world music (especially Caribbean), punk, and soul music. Domino is never particularly interested in the Record Store Day hooplah, though they sometimes do order a few items if they're really interested in them.


Euclid Records NOLA

Address 3301 Chartres St.
Phone (504) 947-4348
Hours 10am - 7pm
Facebook event

Euclid tends to be the hotspot for Record Store Day with tons of official RSD merch and all sorts of other reasons to hang out. They have a special mission this time: proceeds from Crawifsh, T-shirts and raffles go to help with Guitar Lightnin' Lee's cancer treatments. They'll also have pre-opening mimosas for that gigantic line, and live sets from Gar Gar, The Essence, Pattrick Shuttlesworth, Stoo Odom and the Bongoloids. Maybe I missed something, just check out the facebook event.


Louisiana Music Factory

Address 421 Frenchmen St.
Phone (504) 586-1094
Hours 11am - 8pm

Louisiana Music Factory's biggest strength is local music, but they always have a good crop of used material for reasonable prices as well as some prominent new releases. LMF is stocking official record store day merch. I've always thought they're an underrated location for RSD. They don't order a ton, but not too many are lining up at their door either. They'll have live performances by Carlo Ditta and Guitar Slim Jr., Robin Barnes, The Revealers, and Miss Mojo.


The Mushroom

Address 1037 Brodway st.
Phone (504) 866-6065
Hours 10am - Midnight

Located basically on Tulane's campus, The Mushroom carries a lot of college-friendly vinyl and a pretty robust used CD selection. They carry a lot of Record Store Day items and they blend it into their "birthday" sale on 4/20, which means 42% off "almost everything" and $4.20 off of new CDs and vinyl. A warning: The Mushroom tends to open early on Record Store Day. That's probably a good thing, but I've definitely gotten there at 10am and found that the thing I'd looking for had already been grabbed, so get there a little bit earlier.


Address 1522 Magazine St.

Phone (504) 345-2138

Hours 11am - 6pm

Facebook event

NOLA Mix is a small store with a focus on soul and funk. This is NOLA Mix's Second RSD, they'll have plenty of RSD material, and they intend to party all day. They'll have free drinks and music from DJ Ben Shive, The Deft Funk DJ's, Tony Skratchere, DJ Ruby, DJ Raven & DJ Yamin. 


Peaches Records

Address 4318 Magazine St.
Phone(504) 282-3322
Hours 9am - 8pm
Facebook Page

Peaches usually orders a pretty good amount of RSD stuff and is one of the first ones to open. Keep in mind that they have moved and are now uptown! They'll have drawings to win tickets from Winters Circle Productions.


Sisters in Christ

Address 5206 Magazine St.
Phone (504) 452-5517
Hours Noon-6pm

Sisters in Christ has a focus on small label punk and indie with a lot of things other stores may not carry. Missed your chance at a hot item at one of the other stores? Sisters in Christ stocks RSD items but opens at noon, later than most, so they could be a good spot if you want to multiple stores. They have a cool tradition of selling an exclusive-to-the-store 7" every Record Store Day, and this year it's from The Body.

Skully'z Recordz

Address 907 Bourbon St.
Phone (504) 592-4666
Hours 9am-8pm (sometimes opens a few minutes early)

Skully'z does a great job of keeping on top of new indie music. They always carry about as much RSD material as they can possibly fit into their tiny store. They also open pretty early, always a nice option for Record Store Day, though there's usually a pretty good line as well. They usually have a few giveaways, but at the moment nothing specific planned.


The White Roach

Address 5704 Magazine St.
Phone (985) 373-1751
Hours 11am-6:30pm

The White Roach is the newest record store in New Orleans and this will be their first Record Store Day. In addition to carrying RSD stock, they'll have crawfish and live bands. The store has a rock focus with a slight leaning towards garage rock.