Vendor info for January 21st Record Raid

We're back at the Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market

When: Saturday January 21st. Event is from 10am to 5pm. Load-in from 9am to 10am, load-out 5pm to 6pm. You are expected to stop selling immediately at 5pm, as the next event sets up at 6pm.

Where: People's Health New Orleans Jazz Market, 1436 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA

How much: $40 per table 8 foot table until January 1st when paid online. $50 if paying day of (with RSVP) or until January 11th. Maximum 2 Tables. There will be more than enough very comfortable chairs onsite free for you to use. Vendors must RSVP by January 11th - no exceptions! If this is your first Record Raid, your first table is 50% off (the difference will be refunded when paid online).

Jazz Market layout

What you can sell: Music of any format, vintage, used or new. Record labels are free to sell their music as well. Consumer audio equipment is great too. Music-related ephemera (books, movies, memorabilia, t-shirts) are OK so long as they're not the focus of the table. We do make some exceptions, so feel free to ask.

What you can't sell: Food and drink. As above, Crafts are generally discouraged unless they're clearly a "side item", musical instruments are discouraged, though you may leave a paper at your table letting people know (so long as they're not the focus). You should be selling *something*, for instance you cannot set up a table promoting another event.

About the Record Raid: We usually have about 300 to 400 visitors with pretty diverse tastes. Our shows are casual and a little funky. We try to keep entry free and tables fees low to keep the crowd diverse and not turn any potential customer away. We want it to be a place where music lovers congregate and can talk about records.

About the Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market: This venue has been a hit with our long-time vendors as well as new ones and customers. It's a beautiful space and they enjoy working with us. Load-in is super easy with a side entrance to the main hall and no obstructions for a smooth handtruck experience.The graphic to the right isn't entirely accurate and there's still a number of spots we can expand into.

The jazz market has a bar, though it is all-ages. We had food outside for sale from a local pop-up last time that went over really well, so we'll do that again. The bathrooms are nice too.

The one bummer here is that there's no dedicated parking, though there's usually enough nearby on the street. We ask that you please repark your car after unloading to allow others to unload and make things easier for customers.

There are some walls with outlets on them. If you need this, people let me know and I'll try to reserve a table near an outlet for you.

Other details

Table location is first-come first-serve. You may not provide your own table. You may bring other display racks etc as long as they don't get in anybody's way. You may sell items underneath the table. If for any reason you need to cancel, refunds for the tables are available up until January 14th.

It's generally a REALLY good idea to have a Square or some way to accept credit cards. We'll never force you to accept credit cards, but it's nice for customers. The nearest ATM is 3 blocks away -- not ideal but we've looked into onsite ATMs and they're not viable.

We expect to have a table at the front to help people with questions (though the event itself is free). We've been assigning nametags to tables and people. The point is to make sure people know who to talk to when they find records. To be honest, we don't care what your name is exactly, the important thing is that it matches what's written on your table.

I would make sure to bring a handtruck if you have one.

People often ask what they should sell. My answer is always "Play to your strengths". We get a very diverse crowd, and there's often somebody that's into what you have. Our recent poll had a few people complaining that there was too much classic rock and other "beginning record collector" stuff. People are definitely looking for deals, but don't leave the big ticket stuff at home either. Things that I always hear people saying they want to see more of: punk, reggae/ska, 90's-2000's indie rock.

We're going to have an early bird admission session from 10am to 11am for $5 a head. This seemed to go pretty well last time we did it.

We had a security guard at the last show and even though they didn't end up being necessary, we'll have one at this show too!

Other "attractions"

As usual we will have DJs and a raffle.


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