Record Store Day Black Friday in New Orleans

The strange phenomenon that is Record Store Day is back this Black Friday with all sorts of exclusive records sent to indie record stores. The official list of releases is here but there's no guarantee which store will have what. You can always try calling but most won't let you reserve one. In the grand tradition of Black Friday, you gotta wait in a big ol' line.

But we can at least let you know who's doing what so you can plan out your day. Unfortunately, I'm out of town so I won't be able to do a big run-down like I did on Record Store Day.
I'm only listing stores that are participating in RSD's Black Friday Sale. If they aren't on this list you can assume they are not participating. To be explicit, that includes Domino and Jim Russell.

Skully'z * 907 Bourbon Street* (504) 592-4666
Skullyz has always been the tiny store that could and have always done great with these. They've been hyping up their Black Friday for a few weeks. The line wasn't huge for Record Store Day despite being one of the first ones opened. They also let people in a little early.
Hours:10am to 8pm Friday
Rules:First come, first served, no reservations. One of each item per customer, no limit on how many RSD items you can buy.

Euclid Records NOLA * 3401 Chartres St * (504) 947-4348
Euclid was HUGE for Record Store Day with the line extending past its pink walls to the next few houses. Don't underestimate how early you might have to get there! They were very well stocked with RSD goodies though
Hours: Opens 11am-7pm
Rules: One of each title per person. I'm assuming that only a few will be let in at a time if the line looks like it did for Record Store Day

Lousiana Music Factory * 210 Decatur St * (504) 586-1094
LMF tends to be the sleeper option for RSD. The line on Record Store Day was only handful of people. The upstairs area tends to get a pretty nice amount of stuff.
Hours: Opens 10am-7pm
Rules: One of each item per person.

Mushroom * 1037 Broadway St * (504) 866-6065
The Uptown option. I came an hour after opening on Record Store Day and most of the big stuff was gone.
Hours: "10, maybe a little earlier"
Rules: "mmmm no, I mean we might not letcha get all of 'em"

Peaches * 408 N. Peters Street * (504) 282-3322
Looks like Peaches will be the earliest open. I went to Peaches about 10 or 15 minutes after opening on Record Store Day and there were still plenty of big items left.
Hours: 9am
Rules: Dialog went something like "no rules, no" "no one per person rule?" "depends on the person!"

Side note: Captain's Vinyl on 2252 Cambronne Street won't have RSD items but will have a sale of 25% off your first purchase.