New website!

A proper show deserves a proper website. There's still some building out to do but this is the new home, no updates at the old

This may not be all too much to be excited over... but we do have much more exciting news coming down the tubes!


Ponderosa Stomp Record Show: September 16 and 17th!

While the Ponderosa Stomp is a record collectors' type of concert series, this blog is concerned with Record Fairs in New Orleans. That means the 3rd Annual Ponderosa Stomp Record Fair!

These are slightly different than the Record Raids (and have been around just a little longer!). Vinyl only! $5 admission! But due to the national draw of the event, there are vendors you won't find at the Record Raid and merchandise aimed at higher-ticket customers. Particularly aimed at rhythm and blues, funk, rock & roll, garage, and psych nuts.

WAY late wrap-up of the July Record Raid

Aw jeez, where was I writing this post? Especially after it ABSOLUTELY RULED. Things were a little slow getting started due to a mix-up and it could have been better lit, but most vendors agreed that this was the most lucrative ever. Perhaps it was the Marigny crowd, maybe it was the promotion Siberia (and I guess I) put in, but there wasn't a dull moment in either Siberia or the Hi-Ho. Thanks to everybody that helped and came out, more coming! Possibly at the same locations. But let me take a quick side-step!


The Hi-Ho Lounge is now part of the fun! Less than a block down from Siberia, BOTH venues will have vendors, music, food and fun, including apparently a new Korean kitchen at the Hi-Ho!

I'm currently looking for a few 45-slingin' DJs to set the mood. If you're down and especially if you're willing to lend your turntables to the cause, please get in touch