More details about the Record Raid!

This one will be a doozy! We have 26 vendors taking up 40 tables.

We'll have some killer raffles

  • $30 Gift Certificate to Euclid Records
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Skully'z Records
  • 50 free professional record cleanings from PureSound's VPI
  • A 4-Pack of favorites from Domino Sound's record label
    Remaline de Oro (Cumbia Compilation), Ali Dirra (Ethiopian), S.E. Rogie (Sierra Leone), and Krewe of Eris (New Orleans!)
  • Out of print Malfeasance/Retribution 10" and Heathen LP from Thou
  • Assortment of Inner and Outer Sleeves from BagsUnlimited

We'll have DJ sets from Li Yaffe at 11am and Dale Gunnoe at 1pm!

Euclid Records will have an in-store performance with Stellar's Jay at 2pm and Clint Kaufman and the Gruesome Twosome at 3pm right across the street

Captain's Vinyl has an afterparty of sorts with Dominique Lejeune and Ex Specter at 6pm

Again, 612 Piety st. at 10am for free, $5 to early bird at 9am, going until 5pm!