Ponderosa Stomp Record Show: September 16 and 17th!

While the Ponderosa Stomp is a record collectors' type of concert series, this blog is concerned with Record Fairs in New Orleans. That means the 3rd Annual Ponderosa Stomp Record Fair!

These are slightly different than the Record Raids (and have been around just a little longer!). Vinyl only! $5 admission! But due to the national draw of the event, there are vendors you won't find at the Record Raid and merchandise aimed at higher-ticket customers. Particularly aimed at rhythm and blues, funk, rock & roll, garage, and psych nuts.

2 days! Friday & Saturday the 16th and 17th at 11am to 5pm, likely different vendors on each day. The good stuff'll go quick so get there early! Stay around for the rest of the Ponderosa Stomp activities

Previous years were at the Cabildo, this year you can check it out at the Renaissance Arts Hotel lobby

Here's a facebook page!
More information at the Ponderosa Stomp website